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Where are the ruins?

Posted in history, hyperuranicon the book, mistery with tags , , , , , on March 24, 2010 by Dr. Oltrantza

When you deal with the problem of forgotten civilizations, there is a question that seems difficult to answer; if in the past, maybe before Egyptians, there were people so advanced in technology as we suppose, why we don’t see the ruins of this civilizaton, where are the remains of this ancient peoples?

You don’t have to answer “look to the Pyramids”… yes, the big Pyramids actually was built by the Ancient Ones helped by the Aliens who used to live in our World at the time, but it’s not enough as explanation.

A good answer to this intelligent but tricky question come from the tv show (and we know how much reliable are tv showes) Life after People, from History Channel. ¬†It’s a documentary series which speculate about the future of the Earth if the¬†mankind disappeared.

On a scientific approach, the documentary demonstrates that in 1.000 years almost every sign of our culture and our civilization disappeared, and after 10.000 years maybe only the Pyramids would remind that there was an intelligent species on the earth.

It’s no hard to suppose that if 10.000 or maybe 6.000 years ago there was a upper civilization on the Earth as described in the Hyperuranicon, and this civilization reached the level described in the second part of Hyperuranicon and comparable to european civilization in XIX century, after 1.000 years or more almost nothing would remain, and now, thousand and thousand years after, we couldn’t fin any sign of this civilization.

Not the towns, converted in forests, not the monuments, the arts, the veichles, all destroyed by time and elements; only the Pyramids, thanks to its shape and location, could testify this wonderful past.

And it’s exactly what’s happened.