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Where are the ruins?

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When you deal with the problem of forgotten civilizations, there is a question that seems difficult to answer; if in the past, maybe before Egyptians, there were people so advanced in technology as we suppose, why we don’t see the ruins of this civilizaton, where are the remains of this ancient peoples?

You don’t have to answer “look to the Pyramids”… yes, the big Pyramids actually was built by the Ancient Ones helped by the Aliens who used to live in our World at the time, but it’s not enough as explanation.

A good answer to this intelligent but tricky question come from the tv show (and we know how much reliable are tv showes) Life after People, from History Channel.  It’s a documentary series which speculate about the future of the Earth if the mankind disappeared.

On a scientific approach, the documentary demonstrates that in 1.000 years almost every sign of our culture and our civilization disappeared, and after 10.000 years maybe only the Pyramids would remind that there was an intelligent species on the earth.

It’s no hard to suppose that if 10.000 or maybe 6.000 years ago there was a upper civilization on the Earth as described in the Hyperuranicon, and this civilization reached the level described in the second part of Hyperuranicon and comparable to european civilization in XIX century, after 1.000 years or more almost nothing would remain, and now, thousand and thousand years after, we couldn’t fin any sign of this civilization.

Not the towns, converted in forests, not the monuments, the arts, the veichles, all destroyed by time and elements; only the Pyramids, thanks to its shape and location, could testify this wonderful past.

And it’s exactly what’s happened.


The speech of Zedeos

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You know what is going to happen; we haven’t got so much time; and for us it is impossible to save all the people of the Earth; we decided to save your People, our friend in this rocky planet; the Catastrophe will be bigger than you could imagine, only a little number of the men and the women of this planet will survive, only a few number, but every form of civilization, as you know, will disappear.  All your buildings, your houses, your arts, your streets, in one thousand year it won’t remain no memory, no sign of it. 

Nothing.   You know the wisdom of Lightbulb, as you call him, he has power to know the future, the tells us the future.

For years and years we lived close to you, helping you to develop your civilization, and you decided to condivide part of this knowledge with the other peoples of the Earth; it’s hard to say, but now we strongly suggest you to come with us to our Home, to leave your planet.

You know that we had the same fate, that we had to come here because of a Catastrophe who devastated our Home, but now a lot of time has passed and we can come back, and you can come with us, our Home could be conforteable for you too, there’s some islands out of the Sacred Mother Sea where you can live.  

Your kings asked us to no leave the other Peoples of the Earth alone; so we suggest you to choose twelve of you; that’s the reason for what we asked you to build together with us the big Pyramid: it will be a safe house for the twelve choosen ones; it’s a big building, made by rock, with a shape that could resist any cataclysm; inside the Pyramid the twelve choosen ones could live safe for three years.   Not less than three years is the time they shall stay inside the Pyramid.

After this period the twelve ones could come out and help the other people of the Earth on their path to rebuilding.  You must choose the most wisdom and honest of you, not too young, not too old, half part of women and half part of men, only volunteer because it’s a hard job that wait them.  We also know the risk of this solution, they could become the ruler of the world because of this upper knowledge, so think carefully about it before choosing them.

We know very well this risk, that’s why they shouldn’t carry with them any form of upper technology, only their knowledge.  Their technical knowledge, their knowledge of the past and, above all, their knowledge of the future, because we know that in thousand of years this Catastrophe will happen again, and we want that your species could front it.   To know the future is the path to survive.

This is the text of the speech of Zedeos, the Chief in charge of the Gods who lives in the outer space, as the Hyperuranicon describe them.  It’s one of the most impressive part of the Chronicles, the first part of the book.

That’s how the Symposium was born.  Twelve persons, choosen to accomplish the mission to transmit the knowledge after the Catastrophe.  

That’s very different from what the Symposium is now, but that’s the way it started.