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Beware of the Symposium!

Posted in conspiracy, history, hyperuranicon the book, mistery, new world order, the symposium with tags , , , , on March 31, 2010 by Dr. Oltrantza

They watch you.  They control you.  Everyone, everywhere, everytime. They rule the world as they ever did, since before the beginning of Egypian civilization.  

For thousands of years the Symposium has been dominating the mankind, all the governors of the world are like muppets in their hands.

Only the sons of Melqart opposed their plan.

Thanks to the Hyperuranicon, we know that the members of the Symposium are the descendants of the Ancient Ones; they received advanced knowledges from an alien people who left our planet before the first Catastrophe, but they betrayed their mission to protect and help the rest of human beings.

 Now 2012 is coming.  The second Catastrophe.  They know it.  They know it since thousands of years ago.

These days they are testing a superweapon in the CERN of Geneve, a superweapon that could be used against the big menace that will cause the 2012 Catastrophe.   But they have not decide if using it or not.  And it not depends on the welfare of the mankind, but only for their advantage.

Because the day after 2012 they could use another time the power of their advanced knowledge, as they already did after the first Catastrophe.

Knowledge is power.  And they know it very well.


Secret codes for the Conquest of the World

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An ingenuous man could believe that this video came off from imagination of the director.



Or maybe is a secret message, and all the Signs in the video have a special, specific meaning.

The three priestess, the two aliens, the three childs, the female warrior, the mirror, and, above all, the lightbulb man.

The Hyperuranicon describes a divine creature called the lightbulb man, a word than in Maya cultura had no meaning, but the Hyperuranicon already spoke about him.

The Symposium hopes you don’t believe it.  Don’t make them happy, think with your own brain!

Beware! Beware of the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep!