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The cloud is the beginning

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It’s the beginning.  The big Volcanic Ash Cloud from Iceland in the sky of Europe is the beginning of what’s going to happen in 2012.

No doubt.

The Hyperuranicon is clear about it, when reports the words of Lightbulb, the most misterious of the Gods from Outer Space.

You must know that in the future, thousand of years after we leave, thousand of years after the coming Catastrophe, everything will happen again.

It depends on the stars in the sky, it  depends oh the hidden planet; do you remember the huge Volcanic cloud that darkened the sun, one year ago?

That was the beginning of the events that oblige us to leave this planet; but the old giant will wake up again. 

You are the chosen ones, the twelve ones choosed by your people to help the rest of mankind; you shall preserve this knowledge, you shall remember that the Volcanic cloud is the first sign of the second Catastrophe

The Symposium know very well it; but they say nothing.  Now they are gaining a lot of money before the Volcanic cloud in Europe, because they knew what was going to happen.  

I hope the rest part of mankind, the good part of mankind, recognizes it as the first sign of what’s going to happen.


The Nephilim Lineage

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The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days, . . ., when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown (Genesis, 6,4).

Mighty men, descendants from the union of the sons of God with the daughters of men. This is the Holy Bible. 

The Hyperuranicon has a different version of the same story.

According to he Hyperuranicon Nephilim (that in their language meant giants) was the word used to name the descendants of the Ancient Ones who remained on Earth after the Catastrophe, thousands of years ago.  

Firsteable it was used by their subjects to name Sataran and the other members of the first Symposium.  Sataran and his fellows appreciate this word, that started to be used also for their sons.

They gave this word the meaning of descendants of the Ancient Ones and, because of this, afterwards also the three sons of Melqart and their descendants were called Nephilim.

One of the goals of Sataran was to preserve the power for their descendants, and to do it he decided to preserve the purity of their blood.

So, under his leadership, the Symposium set secret laws to accomplish this goal.

They set strict rules about the Symposium itself; the membership of the Symposium followed the rules of inheritance for the first-born, and only a pure blood Nephilim could take the seat of a member dead without heirs.

They allowed what they called the Mistake of Yahwan, mixed marriages with lower people, but they didn’t approved it.

If you take a wife among the daughters of common men, your children shall be Nephilim, but they shall be named half blood.  And the same for the woman who take an husband among the sons of common men.

If an half blood Nephilim take a wife among the daughters of common men, he and his family shall be no longer part of the Nephilim; and the same for the woman who take an husband among the sons of common men (Chronicles, XIII, 12)

It was a racist law, but in Sataran mind the Nephilim and only the Nephilim should be the  aristocracy of the world, and only because actually he was a pshysician and he wanted to avoid hereditary diseases, he allowed marriage with no Nephilim people.

Now we have these programs as the DNA project of National Geographic.  They appear to be scientific researches on DNA and human migrations.  Sure they are.

But what if all these programs would be a system for the Symposium to check and control know precisely who has Nephilim blood in our modern world?

Beware of the Symposium!

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They watch you.  They control you.  Everyone, everywhere, everytime. They rule the world as they ever did, since before the beginning of Egypian civilization.  

For thousands of years the Symposium has been dominating the mankind, all the governors of the world are like muppets in their hands.

Only the sons of Melqart opposed their plan.

Thanks to the Hyperuranicon, we know that the members of the Symposium are the descendants of the Ancient Ones; they received advanced knowledges from an alien people who left our planet before the first Catastrophe, but they betrayed their mission to protect and help the rest of human beings.

 Now 2012 is coming.  The second Catastrophe.  They know it.  They know it since thousands of years ago.

These days they are testing a superweapon in the CERN of Geneve, a superweapon that could be used against the big menace that will cause the 2012 Catastrophe.   But they have not decide if using it or not.  And it not depends on the welfare of the mankind, but only for their advantage.

Because the day after 2012 they could use another time the power of their advanced knowledge, as they already did after the first Catastrophe.

Knowledge is power.  And they know it very well.

The twelve ones

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One day, under the Sun of the land that we call Egypt, at the feet of the big Pyramid, Sataran looked at the people under his rule working for him and his fellows.  He smiled to Ashtor, his beloved wife, and to Hyram, who was leading the works, and then he started climbing until he reached the the top of the big Pyramid; there, looking all the people downstairs he stretched out his arms and he said loudly

I’m the King of the World

and unfortunately he was right.

Ten years before these facts, the twelve ones have received from the Gods the mission to help the rest of the mankind to rebuild the civilization after the Catastrophe.

Only if your species restart immediately the path to  civilization you could survive the Second Catastrophe, when we won’t be here to help and assist you

That were the words of Zedeos, the Calamar King, the leader of the Gods from outer space, who choose, together with the Ancient Ones, the name for the twelve ones, six women and six men, anyone with a special skill, as mentioned in the Hyperuranicon:

They choose a famous healer whose name was Sataran, a woman called Amaterasu, with great talent in music and poetry, Yahwan who was a writer and Hyram, famous between the Ancient Ones as sculptor, painter and architect.

They also called to be part of the twelve ones a beautiful huntress whose name was Artumis, a young warrior called Rama, Ausaris who knew the secrets of agriculture and breeding, a woman called Sekhmet who was able to prepare potions to heal and poisons to die.

There were also the gorgeous Ashtor who had the knowledge of craftsmen and her brother Sethlans, a talented blacksmith; finally they choose Maat, practised of rules and laws and Enkis, who was a master of sailing.

Twelve talents for twelve people with the high mission to preserve human civilization.

When the Catastrophe happened, they lived during three long years protected under the big Pyramid; day after day they collected their knowledge, and Yahwan wrote everything in the Book of the Ancient Ones, from which takes the name the second part of the Hyperuranicon.

After two years Sataran, the healer (probably we’d call him physician), changed his mind, and started to persuade the other ones to change their mind too.  The Hyperuranicon refers the words of his speech

Why we have to refuse our destiny?  We could keep for ourselves our knowledge, and we could be the ruler of the world

It happened exactly what Zedeos worried: the power that was given to the twelve ones seduced them.

After the Catastrophe, the twelve ones went out from the Pyramids.  Sataran was a physician, the Ancient Ones had a very advanced medicine with scientific bases.   But he trasformed himself in a magical healer.   All the survivors came to him because he cured from diseases, he looked as he had some magical powers. And so the other twelve ones, in front a people that suffered for three years the fury of nature and that also before had a level of civilization absolutely lower than the Ancient Ones.

Everyone believed that Sataran and the others were gods or similar to gods, and they made everything to support this belief; they appeared in a very healthy state despite the cataclysm, they knew everything, they came out from underground, maybe from the kingdom of dead.

Amaterasu and Rama didn’t accept the decision of the other ones, and they decided to leave together from that Country; the Hyperuranicon says nothing about the rest of their life, but we know that Amaterasu is the mythical name of the founder of japanese imperial dinasty and Rama is the name of  the most famous of the Gods of Indian mythology.

The remaining part of the twelve ones supported Sataran and his plan. They accepted his guide, and althought he told them he was only one of them, the first of a group of peers, it wasn’t true.  He  quickly became their absolute leader.

That was one of the reason because Yahwan left the group too; the Hyperuranicon says that he felt in love with a woman outside their group, and then he had some argues with Sataran, because he didn’t like his intention to be like a God for other men.

From this moment everything changed.   There was no twelve ones, no mission to preserve civilization.  Only a group of people, guided by Sataran, who were using their knowledge to dominate other people.

The Symposium was born.

Holding out for a Hero

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The Hyperuranicon describes the deeds of a man called Melqart, a hero who saved thousands of people at risk of his own life, and gaved the survivors the upper knowledge of the Ancient Ones.

Obvioulsy, after that facts, lot of people spoke about it; in that age, after the Catastrophe, people forgot writing, and the narration of Melqart’s deeds was transmitted only by oral tradition; and time by time the story became different from the real story.

So, a legend took place between the descendants of the people who survived thanks to him, the believers as  they called themselves because they believed on him.   And the legends was transmitted to other people in the Mediterranean Sea, and every people developed a different version of the story.

Melqart, Moloch, Heracles, Hercules. Different legends, different names, the same origin.

Also the myth of Prometheus took something from the real story of Melqart.  Prometheus as Melqart gave the fire (the knowledges) to the mankind, and he was punished by the Gods (like what was happened to the real Melqart, because of Sataran hate).   Our opinion about Prometheus is more close to the real Melqart then the classical image of Heracles-Hercules as a extraordinary strong man with a lion skin and a club.

But the legend of Heracles includes a lot of elements (like the garden of Esperides in a far west near the Atlantic Ocean) that have a perfect corrispondence in the Hyperuranicon writings.

Before Greeks, Phoenicians worshipped Melqart as the God of navigators; the most important temple of Melqart was in Cadiz, but I personally believe, basing on the study of the Hyperuranicon, that the town of Cadiz itself was built around the temple of Melqart, where there was two pillars that was referred as the Pillars of Melqart. If you think about the position of Cadiz just outside the Straits of Gibraltar, you could understand that when the old ones was talking about the Pillars of Melqart they were speaking not in a metaphorical way.

The famous Chartaginian commander Hannibal before setting off on his march to Rome made a pilgrimage to the temple of Melqart in Cadiz, and this shows how much important Melqart was for Phoenicians. And Alexander the Great did the same going to the temple of Melqart in Tyrus (now in Lebanon).

Also the Jews whorshipped Melqart with the name of Molok; but because of the reactions of the priest of their monotheistic religion this cult was forbidden, and for some authors the Bible speaks about human sacrifices of children.  But there is no scientific evidence that the cult of Melqart was ever associated to human sacrifices, and when the Bibles describes passing children through fire probably it means a rite of purification.

More interesting is the book of Enoch and the Qumran’s handwriting.

According to these writings Melqart – Moloch was the leader of a group of fallen angels called the Guardians, who came to Earth to help the humans and gave the mankind lot of knowledge; but the Lord didn’t like it and imprisoned Moloch.  The fallen angels got involved with some human women, and the descendants of this union were called Nephilim (you can find this story in the Bible, too).

This narration has some elements very similar to Hyperuranicon narration, in particular to the story of Melqart, the twelve ones (the Guardians), and the legend of a lineage of descendants of Melqart and the twelve ones (the Nephilim).  But, as we know from the Hyperuranicon, the Ancient Ones were no aliens from the stars; they were only the human friends of an alien people who left our planet after the big Catastrophe which happened thousands of years ago.


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According to the Hyperuranicon, after the speech of Zedeos, the Calamar King, all the Ancient Ones accepted his suggestions, the suggestions of the Gods from the outer space.  They accepted to leave this planet, escape from the Catastrophe, and choose twelve person with the mission to help the rest of the mankind to rebuild the civilization after the incoming Catastrophe.

Only one man refuses to do it.  His name was Melqart.

Prince Melqart said no.  He wouldn’t escape from the Earth; at the opposite, he would help the rest of the people of the Earth to face the Catastrophe.  The Gods told him it was a mad idea, almost a suicide, if he wanted to help the other peoples of the Earth he could be in the number of the twelve ones.

He refused another time, he didn’t want no take refuge in a safe spot for three years while outside thousands and thousands of people were dying.

Because of this, Melqart left the islands inhabited by the Ancient Ones and went to the country of the Hauneubu, in the western coast of Europe.

Until the last hours before the Catastrophe, when the skies were going darker and the ground trembled, he continued to help the Hauneubu to build safe houses for how many people it was possible, working tireless.

Neverthless, some people refused his help, they didn’t believe his warning.

Why we have to believe this stranger?   Is not he one from that people who is friend with the creatures from the sea?  Perhaps he would trick us, and steal everything from us

According to the Hyperuranicon, these were the opinions of so many people, between the Haunabu.   But other people believed Melqart, and they worked together with him to reinforce the walls of a tower in the main town of the Haunabu, day after day.

So, when the Catastrophe arrived, Melqart entered in the tower together with the people who believed him, and with their families.   The tower of Melqart was no resistent like the Pyramids, but its octagonal shape resisted the devastations of the first days of the Catastrophe; the earthquakes, the terrible waves from the sea (the Hyperuranicon describes something that today we’d call a tsunami), the acid rain, the “fire rocks from the sky”.

After ten weeks inside the tower, Melqart and his believers had to go out, because they finished the food and the water.  The sky was still dark, and everywhere they saw only mess and destruction.   The tower was seriously damaged, but still unbroken; and they were still alive.

In the town almost everything was destroyed by the Catastrophe, despite the octagonal tower of Melqart.   The survivors recognized Melqart as their saviour, they followed his guide, and they also started to call him as King Melqart, irrespective to the fact that he refused it.  This few people under the guide of Melqart kept the flame of civilization on during the worst days of humanity, when the Ancient Ones were travelling in the sky and the twelve ones were lying safe under the walls of the big Pyramid.

One day, the day that the Sun come back, Melqart talked to his people at the door of the tower; he told them that they were brave.  They survived.   And their duty now was to find, save and help other survivors.

Now the only thing that we’ve got is this tower.  This tower who saved us under its walls.  Remember it.  Because this tower will be a sign.  A sign of the resistance e the restart of human civilization.   This tower, made rock by rock, the only building still standing in this part of the world, shall became like the first pillar of our new World.

And because of this speech, from this moment anyone called the tower “The Pillar of Melqart”.

If the story of the Hyperuranicon is true, Melqart was one of the biggest hero of the history of mankind; and the memory of this hero could explain the devotion of all the people of the Mediterranean for a deity who the Phoenicians called Melqart and the Greeks Heracles.

Where are the ruins?

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When you deal with the problem of forgotten civilizations, there is a question that seems difficult to answer; if in the past, maybe before Egyptians, there were people so advanced in technology as we suppose, why we don’t see the ruins of this civilizaton, where are the remains of this ancient peoples?

You don’t have to answer “look to the Pyramids”… yes, the big Pyramids actually was built by the Ancient Ones helped by the Aliens who used to live in our World at the time, but it’s not enough as explanation.

A good answer to this intelligent but tricky question come from the tv show (and we know how much reliable are tv showes) Life after People, from History Channel.  It’s a documentary series which speculate about the future of the Earth if the mankind disappeared.

On a scientific approach, the documentary demonstrates that in 1.000 years almost every sign of our culture and our civilization disappeared, and after 10.000 years maybe only the Pyramids would remind that there was an intelligent species on the earth.

It’s no hard to suppose that if 10.000 or maybe 6.000 years ago there was a upper civilization on the Earth as described in the Hyperuranicon, and this civilization reached the level described in the second part of Hyperuranicon and comparable to european civilization in XIX century, after 1.000 years or more almost nothing would remain, and now, thousand and thousand years after, we couldn’t fin any sign of this civilization.

Not the towns, converted in forests, not the monuments, the arts, the veichles, all destroyed by time and elements; only the Pyramids, thanks to its shape and location, could testify this wonderful past.

And it’s exactly what’s happened.