Who I am

I won’t say my real name, I won’t say where I live, I won’t say my job position.

I can only tell you that I live in Italy, I’m a professional researcher, I speak a little of italian and a little of english but my mother tongue is another one.

Working on a research, I discover one of the copies of a very old book called the Hyperuranicon, and I understood the truth about our past and our present.   I want to share my discoveries with the world, but it needs time, also because the big power who rules the world, the evil Symposium will make everything to stop this revelations.

The world is not ready, at the moment.  But we have more than one year to december 21, 2012, it’s enough time.


8 Responses to “Who I am”

  1. Maybe you’ve studied italian…

  2. Yeah, you’re right! I studied italian, ’cause now I’m living there, and language is essential to understand the culture of a people…

    And to not doing mistakes when you’re in a shop 😀

  3. You know, I’m an italian teacher

  4. bruceleeeowe Says:

    So what do you know about your past?

  5. I’m talking ’bout he past of the Earth, of the mankind, not mine personal

    I’m talking ’bout the true past I discovered reading the Hyperuranicon

  6. I’m interested in your discovery. I want to know more about that. how and where you discovered that and is it all about. I request you to give me more information. I think your work matches to the work of my friend laserles of http://impactoptics.com .
    he has found some information during researching on petroglyphs.

  7. Hy, Bruce

    I’m back after a very bad experience connected with that fu**ing Symposium, I’m lucky to be alive.

    I’ll tell more about it.

    And I ‘ll deepen the issues you’re talking about (ty for the link)

    • bruceleeeowe Says:

      Thank god, you came back otherwise I’ve started thinking that I have lost the chance to know more about ancient mystery.

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