Secret codes for the Conquest of the World

An ingenuous man could believe that this video came off from imagination of the director.



Or maybe is a secret message, and all the Signs in the video have a special, specific meaning.

The three priestess, the two aliens, the three childs, the female warrior, the mirror, and, above all, the lightbulb man.

The Hyperuranicon describes a divine creature called the lightbulb man, a word than in Maya cultura had no meaning, but the Hyperuranicon already spoke about him.

The Symposium hopes you don’t believe it.  Don’t make them happy, think with your own brain!

Beware! Beware of the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep!


3 Responses to “Secret codes for the Conquest of the World”

  1. Great song and grest video!!

  2. Hey Starla!

    Yeah, it’s a great song

    unfortunately the last albums of Garbage are not good as the first one, but that’s the way life goes on

  3. Yeah! And Shirley is not more the same!

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